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Lonely outcast with no mates and no lifestyle, who Stan Zbornak was the main person to pay for the slightest little bit of attention to?

This was by no means produced clear. I do not know why, but I always assumed Blanche and George moved to Miami following the kids were grown.

r416, Therefore if Dorothy had a miscarriage why did not she and Stan divorce? She naturally wasn't madly in love with him, and Sophie and Sal could've experienced the wedding promptly annulled.

Blanche in no way lifted her family in Miami and it had been hardly ever stated that she did. She elevated her spouse and children while in the cousin-pumping, gin-drinking cross-burning deep south. It was implied that her and George might have moved to Miami later in life.

R459, Indeed. A couple yrs later they return and therefore are going to break up since he cheated. Dorothy gets upset due to the fact Kate agrees to acquire him back again.

Don't forget the episode in which Dorothy needed to hock her stuff along with the hocker was intending to give her like ten,000 bucks for a hoop. What kind of hock shop pays that cash for a hoop?

Also the pilot is an enhancing mess. They naturally reshot some scenes in a while, in all probability to work round the Coco problem. In some scenes Rue has just one hairdo, and whenever they drop by an in depth-up of her, she has a very different do. Also Bea seems to be a little diverse in her shut-ups.

Positive, R92, yours is as much an inconsistancy as The reality that they used the same actors here for various pieces in R88's instance. Weird, Barbars Thorndyke came across as so smart over the present, when in fact she more info appreciates shit.

Which is why she was crying poor. So Imagine if Dorothy bought your house, it could've been mortgaged up to the hilt. Stan's profits also fluctuated a whole lot so that you can guess any alimony Dorothy could have got would've went unpaid.

"Blanche has two daughters Rebecca and Janet(who had a fifteen yr aged boy who frequented the ladies in year 1, yet also had a 7 year outdated the final period after which you can an entire new loved ones when she herself visited when Rose had the heartattack."

And from the "George comes again to existence" episode, she isn't going to even convey up the bastard little one to George!

The one that has constantly bothered me by far the most was that Michael was 28 while in the episode where by he beds Rose's daughter but is only 22 2 a long time later when he marries the woman twice his age (and it's the same actor.)

Michael Zbornak unquestionably wins probably the most Enhanced award. The first time he appeared (when he fucked Rose's daughter) he had that dorky fro and dumb moustache. But now I'm viewing his third visual appearance (the 1 where by he moves in and mooches off of Dorothy) and he happens to be just one attractive stud!

[quotation]NBC and Susan Harris have been in all probability apprehensive back again from the 80s about mentioning a liberal character mentioning abortion.

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